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The Armourers’ Association Joins The REME Association

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The Armourers’ Association
The REME Association

As part of your committee’s ongoing drive to make our association more acceptable to a broader range of people within our historic trade, we have joined the REME Association!

All of us who wear (or have worn) the REME cap badge, are automatically life members of the REME Association.  As such, there are many benefits for us as individuals and this will not cease because our Association has become a member.  You can still approach the REME Association for help as an individual.

The Armourers’ Association will be able to leverage assistance from the REME Association on behalf of our members, though this does have caveats.  Members of the Armourers’ Association who do not wear the REME cap badge, may not benefit from the REME Association, as they are not members.  The committee will carefully monitor any assistance we receive from the REME Association to ensure that non-REME cap badge members are not unduly penalised.

Our rules have been amended to show that we are part of the REME Association as well as incorporating the REME75 Rules, which can be seen at Annex B to our rules or on the REME Association web site.

We have joined the REME Association as a GROUP, as defined by Part 2, Rule 2b of the REME75 Rules. A group consists of a number of Association members formed so that they may meet regularly on a predominantly social basis. Group members are likely to live in the same geographical area though this is not an absolute requirement. There are no formal rules applicable to the formation of a group, though each group must have a nominated point-of-contact known to the Association.

Foreword to the REME75 Rules – by Colonel CP Phillips ADC
Colonel REME and Vice President of The REME Association

I am delighted to present these revised rules of The REME Association ‘The REME 75 Rules’.  Our previous rules ‘The Jubilee Rules’ served us well but much has changed since they were written and published in 1977.  Our aim with this revision has been to simplify wherever possible and not restrict our membership in any way should they wish to set up a branch, group or community of interest to serve the needs of The REME Family.

I draw your attention to Part 1 and the definition of membership criteria ‘Anyone who has served, or is serving, in REME and their spouse/partner is a member of the REME Association for life’.  This cannot be clearer and emphasises our inclusivity. We are all members of the REME Family – for life.

The REME Association provides comradeship and support for those that desire it and those who need it across the whole REME Family.  It develops communities of interest and engagement to bring the like-minded together and provides practical help from within its own resources and from The REME Charity.  Your commitment and achievements with the Corps of REME are appreciated, highly valued and The REME Charity wants you to be part of The REME Family throughout your career and beyond.

You will also note there will be no Annual Membership Fee.  All those leaving the Service are invited to consider making a voluntary annual charitable donation and those who have already left are similarly invited to do so.  All will have the opportunity to ring-fence their donations to the REME Association.  This is consistent with the principle of voluntary donations currently made under the Day’s Pay Scheme in which the vast majority of our serving officers and soldiers are enrolled.  A donation also better reflects its purpose, which is to further the charitable aims of the REME Association rather than provide a form of benefit or service in return for payment. The REME 75 Rules are now officially published and to be adopted by us all.  The Jubilee Rules are henceforth archived and now part of our history.  The revised rules are deliberately loose to enable us all to operate in a less restrictive manner.  We want the REME Family to meet and organise and help and support each other wherever and whenever we wish.  There will be space for formal branches, informal groups and communities of shared-interest wherever and however we wish, operating within the REME 75 Rules.  Thank you.

If you have any comments, please leave them in the comments box below. Don’t forget that you can have your say at our AGM, which will be held on September 7th at the Holiday Inn, Leeds.

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