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(Updating the rules as agreed in May 1982 and incorporating the original conditions of membership that were agreed at the first committee meeting held at Whitehall 26 November 1958)


The association shall be known as THE ARMOURERS’ ASSOCIATION.


The object of the ARMOURERS’ ASSOCIATION is to foster the standard of comradeship and esprit-de-corps which has always been associated with the Armourers, Gun Fitters and Weapons Artificers of the Royal Army Ordnance Corps (RAOC), Royal Electrical and Mechanical Engineers (REME), Royal Marines (RM) and Ghurkha Regiments.


a. Full Membership: Is open to all Armourers, Gun Fitters and Weapons Artificers who are serving, or have served in RAOC, REME, RM and Ghurkha Regiments.

b. Associate Membership: Is open to all bona-fide Armourers or Gun Fitters of other Services and Defence Forces including those of Commonwealth Countries.  The committee will consider all doubtful cases and rule accordingly. This ruling shall be final.

c. Guests of Honour at Association reunions will be accepted as Honorary Members, if they so desire.

d. Honorary and Associate Members do not have voting rights within the Association, but their views will be taken into consideration during the voting process.

e.  The committee shall have the right to disqualify any member who in their opinion is considered unworthy of retaining membership of the Association.


The President shall be elected by a ballot of as many full members as it is possible to contact by post or other means. The appointments shall be for life, or for any lesser period the incumbent decides.  A retiring President shall be accorded the honorary title of “Vice-President”.


a. The committee shall include the president, chairman, vice-chairman, secretary, who shall also act as treasurer, plus a minimum of one other member, who shall be the secretary’s deputy*.  Additionally, another four members may be elected/appointed to the committee.  The committee shall not exceed eight members.  The number of serving members on the committee shall not exceed the number of retired members.  Only when circumstances make it unavoidable may this rule be varied.

*The secretary’s deputy shall if the need arises take over the duties of the secretary until such time as an election for the post can be carried out.  As such it is the duty of the secretary to keep his deputy informed of all ongoing business.

b. The committee shall be elected from full members of the Association who accept nomination.

c. The membership shall elect one of its retired members to be Chairman and one member, serving or retired to be Secretary.

d. Three members of the committee will form a quorum.

e. Committee Tenure:

For all members of the committee, other than the President, the tenure shall be 5 years. Re-election shall be in accordance with 5b and 5c above.


a. The committee shall meet at least once a year and shall be responsible for the running of the Association and in particular the organising of the annual reunion.

b. The Chairman, or Vice-Chairman, shall be responsible overall for the activities of the committee.  He/She will preside at all committee meetings and ensure the proper procedure is followed for all functions.

c. The committee shall assist the Secretary in whatever is necessary to ensure the smooth running of all functions.

d. The Secretary’s responsibilities are detailed at Annex A.


a. Any member of the Association shall have the right to submit proposals, ideas and queries affecting the running of the Association to the committee for consideration.  The committee shall consider any such submissions and the resulting decisions made known.

b. Any suggestion may in the first instance be communicated to a committee member by any means, but should its substance be such that further debate and submission to the full membership is required then to avoid any misunderstanding the submission should be confirmed in writing.


The approved pattern Association ties, and any other approved item of stock held by the Association, may only be obtained through the Secretary.  Only full and Associate members shall be permitted to purchase Association ties.


a. Because it would not be practical to do so the Association shall not normally undertake any form of benevolence. The members are invariably life members of at least one benevolent association and are therefore covered in this respect.  Should it be known however that a member, or his widow, is in need or distress the committee shall investigate the case and, where necessary, refer it to the benevolent association concerned.  Failing this the committee shall consider raising a subscription from members or making a small grant to provide some assistance.

b. Assisted Attendance: It is recognised that the overall cost of attending the annual reunion may be prohibitive to some members.  Any member who feels that they are unable to attend a function for purely financial reasons may apply In the Strictest Confidence to the Secretary, or any other member of the committee, to have their costs subsidised by the Association.  The recipient of the request shall discuss the request with at least one other committee member, and receive the sanction of the Secretary/Treasurer, before a decision is made and the applicant informed. Any assistance granted shall be shown in the Association Accounts as “Assisted Attendance” in the expenditure column.  The amount granted to the applicant will not normally exceed the cost of the function or meeting the applicant wishes to attend

c. Remembrance: The Association shall each year arrange for a “Field Cross” to be planted at The Field of Remembrance, Westminster Abbey.  This will normally be done by arrangement with the REME Association.  In addition to the cost of the “Field Cross” a donation, agreed by the Committee, will be made through the same channel to the “Poppy Appeal Fund”.

d. Floral Tributes: Where enough notice is given and the arrangements are possible the Association will provide a Poppy Wreath, purchased from the Royal British Legion, to be laid at the funeral/cremation of a deceased member.  It will be suggested to the next of kin that it may be appropriate for the wreath to be laid at the local War memorial after the funeral service.


The general procedure for reunions is shown at Annex B.


Subject to the following conditions, members may invite guests to reunions. The conditions are:

a. No member will normally be allowed more than one guest.  Should a member wish to invite more than one guest the approval of the committee will be sought, prior to the invitation being extended.

b. In the event of accommodation or seating shortage members shall have attendance priority over member’s guests.

c. The behaviour of guests shall be the responsibility of the member on whose invitation they are present.

d. In all cases of doubt on any aspect of members’ guests the committee’s decision shall be final.


Should it become necessary for the Association to cease functioning, the following action shall be taken:

a. The Secretary shall notify all existing members of the cessation of all functions of the Association.  He/she will have notices to this effect published in, Army, Regimental and other Service magazines and news sheets.

b. The Secretary shall clear all outstanding debts.

c. The committee shall hold a final meeting to audit the accounts, complete any outstanding business and formally end the Association.