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Join the Armourers' Association Here


To become a full member you must have undergone formal Armourer or Gun Fitter training at a recognised training  centre and wear (or have worn) the cap badge of RAOC, REME, RM, Gurkha Regiment or Royal Gibraltar Regiment.

Full Membership Application Form


To be eligible for Associate Membership you must either:

Be a bona-fide armourer or gun fitter of other Services and Defence Forces including those of Commonwealth Countries. The committee will consider all doubtful cases and rule accordingly.  This ruling shall be final.


Have a genuine interest in fostering and improving the Armourers’ Association.  Sponsorship from a full member is mandatory, with the committee initially vetting the application and then the application shall be voted on at the next AGM.  A simple majority vote is required for the membership to then become permanent.

Associate Membership Application Form


To be eligible for Honorary Membership you must:

Be invited by the Committee and are able to enhance or benefit the Armourers’ Association and it’s membership


Be or have been a Guest of Honour at an Association reunion to be accepted as an Honorary Member, if you so desire.


Be a Spouse or Long-Term partner of a full member and you will automatically be accepted as an Honorary Member, if you so desire.

Honorary Membership Application Form