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The Armourer

The Armourers Ply Their Craft

The above cartoon was found behind a workbench in Spey Barracks, Buxthude near Hamburg in 1955.  The Barracks were handed back to the German Army in 1957 

© Jim Newton  (Arborfield 51B)

The Armourer

Charles J. Hill (Melton Mowbray 1942)

The Armourer I well remember as a child in innocence and fun,

The sudden sombre interest found when looking at a gun.

A sight so rare in my young life, whatever is it for?

How sinister when it points at me with wide and gaping bore.

A quirk of fate then led me on when we found ourselves at war,

That caused me to spend many hours gazing through a bore.

For hand of chance and service to the country that I love,

Had fostered greater interest and given me a shove.

Towards a trade to follow for the rest of my sweet life,

“well someone’s got to do it” was the weak excuse to my dear wife.

“For firearms don’t grow on trees to be plucked as they’re desired”

They are so carefully manufactured and adjusted ere they’re fired.

We ply our business silently without announcement, boast or fuss,

To support our comrade servicemen and their trust they put in us.

To keep them armed what ere the cost and to serve them in the field,

For we are soldiers also and (of course) would never yield.

For the ancient art of armoury by necessity must be done,

Although sinister in it’s purpose it involves us, everyone.

For man’s first thought was for defence of all that he holds dear,

Hence slingshot, bows and arrows, club and swords and hunting spear.