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To order an item, use the order form below with details of your requirement.  No items will be dispatched until payment has been received and cleared through the Association account.  Payment details will be sent to you on receipt of the order form.

Payment may be made either by Bank Transfer or Cheque.  Cheques should be made payable to “The Armourers’ Association” in Sterling only.

Please Note:  Only Members of the Armourers’ Association may purchase the items below

The Armourer Statue - Right Front View

The Armourer Statue

p&p £13.14

The Armourers’ Association Plaque

p&p £4.45

The Armourers’ Association Old Style Tie

p&p £3.05

The Armourers’ Association New Style Tie

p&p £3.05

Glass Pint Tankard

p&p £4.45

Pewter Pint Tankard

p&p £4.45

Armourers Association Lapel Badge

p&p £1.85

Car Sticker

Armourers Association Car Sticker

p&p £1.85
(No p&p if ordered with another item)

Armourers' Association Order Form

I would like to purchase the following items


Tie (Original Pattern)

£12.80 + £3.05 p&p

Tie (New Pattern)

£12.80 + £3.05 p&p


£20.50 + £4.45 p&p

Lapel Badge

£2.50 + £1.85 p&p

Tankard (Glass)

£18.50 + £4.45 p&p

Tankard (Pewter)

£21.00 + £4.45 p&p

Car Sticker

£2.50 + £1.85 p&p (p&p nothing if ordered with another item)

Armourer Statue

£83.50 + £13.14 p&p

Grand Total

Payment Method: Cheque / Bank Transfer

Please indicate which payment method you will be using