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Welcome to our New Chairman and Vice-Chairman

President - Chris Dennis

Chris Dennis welcomes our new Chairman and Vice-Chairman.  Please join with us in welcoming your latest committee members, whose job it will be to guide our Association for the next 5 years

Chairman - Ted Holroyd

Edward (Ted) Holroyd
As the date fast approaches when we should have been sitting down to a meal and (several) drinks and taking the opportunity to ‘crown’ our new chairman.  All those plans have gone for a ball of chalk and so I thought it appropriate that we formally welcome you to the Association committee and thank you for sticking your head above the parapet.
As you will be aware from working with Nigel one of our greatest challenges is to find a way of maintaining our relevance to the new Armourers who are filling their roles in an ever changing world.  A world that dinosaurs like me would have difficulty in recognising.  It’s only when I put together missives like this that I stop and think and realise it’s 28 years since I was told none to gently that the Russians had gone home and my services were no longer required.  Working for the police as an ‘Armourer’ (?) gave me a false impression that I was staying up to date in the world of weapons.
As you take up the reins as chair of the Association committee, you are well aware that things do not always happen quickly, your help with the early steps towards getting “The Armourer” statuette produced will no doubt have forewarned you of this!  However we need somebody like you who will take up where Nigel has left off ensuring that the new Armourers are aware of our existence and keep an ear to the ground so we are able to deliver an association that is attractive to them yet maintains those aspects that keep the old and bold happy.
 know that the corona virus pandemic has changed how DSEME is delivering training, but lack details if you are able to release any information on this I’m sure other members would find it of interest.
Once again please accept our thanks for taking on this very important role.  I look forward to the time when we will be able to sit down and put the world to rights over a pint or two.
Stay healthy, stay safe and please give my best regards to the Armourers, both old and new, who you meet in the course of your work

Vice-Chairman - Jay Neal

With less than a week to the date when we should have been formally voting you in as our new vice chairman, the natural world has contrived to  put the mockers on that!
However I feel that it is important that Association business continues irrespective of what stands in our way, and perhaps even more that the functions of the committee are maintained in these trying times.
I know that the membership appreciate the value of a willing volunteer and that as a still serving Armourer you are a valuable bridge between the old and bold dinosaurs of the current membership and the new members who are our future.  We will rely on you to guide us in how we will be able to maintain the Associations relevance to the Armourers of the future.
I am aware that you have already started helping by arranging with the Marsh Farm Hotel for our 2020 deposit to be carried forward to next year, and that you will no doubt have many ideas on how we can best serve the current and future members of the Association. 
I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for being the willing volunteer and I look forward to the opportunity of meeting with you, again, to discuss the Association’s future over a drink.
I hope that all is well at Lyneham, though I m sure the virus has thrown up some challenges that were never foreseen when you signed on the dotted line.
Stay fit and stay healthy.  Please pass on my best wishes to all Armourers.

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