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A Message from our Vice Chairman

Hello all fellow Armourers

As you will have read I am still currently serving as a WO1 (ASM) within the Land Warfare Centre (LWC), specifically within the Equipment Support Requirement Setting Team (ES RST), based at MOD Lyneham.

So who are we and what do we do within the ES RST?

We design the first part in the Defence Systems Approach to Training (DSAT) which is called the Role Performance Statement, this sets out the parameters of the course and the higher Training Objectives that a person will be able to achieve on completion of the course. The team consists of 9 serving WO’s, 1 Reservist, 1 Major and 3 Civil Servants.  The team is very approachable and if you ever wondered where your Training Deficiency Reports go… well that would be us.  Without these and your input at the end of each course, (Internal Validation) and also the questionnaires you receive normally 6 months after you have finished (External Validation), then we wouldn’t be able to optimise the courses for the future generations to come.

This year has seen me take over as the Armourer Analyst with some very challenging tasks ahead.  At the start of the year I had to oversee the change to the Initial Trade Training (ITT) Basic course, with the direction given from LWC HQ.  Due to the trial ITT course (2019) not being accepted, as it had the potential reduction in Operational Capability, we have kept it the same as before with only some minor changes, thus the course will not be reduced again in length for the foreseeable future.  This course is still under development and is due to roll out early 2021.

We have also seen changes to: Warrior/CVRT maintainer; HMG; GMG and sharpshooter.  There is work going ahead with a review of CR2/CR3.  The biggest and brightest change on the horizon is the fielding of AJAX.  At present the Train the Trainer courses have begun across the Army and once we finish these courses we will be able to develop individual courses for each Career Equipment Group (CEG) including Armourers, Vehicle Mechanics and Technicians along with the operators, which will keep us all very busy.

That’s all for now, I look forward to seeing you all at the next annual dinner and having a few beers with you all.

Jay Neal
Vice Chairman
The Armourers Association

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