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A Message From Our Chairman – Ted Holroyd

“Sit omnibus scire nos unum sumus” 
(Let all know we are one)

Salutem civium sodales Consociationis Armourers
(The safety of members of the Association Armourers)

And that’s enough Latin from me!

I’d like to start this Blog off by saying a huge “Thank You” to Nigel Brown for his sterling work for the association over the past 5 years.

Now about me !!!

For those that don’t know me, I am one of the 10% of the 10% of the 10%, I’ve swapped Khaki for the Babcock Blue and since 2014 I have been instructing, first at Bordon and now at Lyneham.

I will admit, it’s not as easy a job as you might think.  Once ES RST have finished deciding what the REME Tradesman needs to know they translate it into magic documents called CSpec’s and LSpec’s.  At this point the alchemy really comes into play, my colleagues and I then have to translate it back into a format that we can use to instruct your average armourer.  Once we have formulated our lesson plans we have to start all over again because someone has decided that the CSpec’s and LSpec’s need to be changed.  But if I didn’t love my trade I would have retired years ago.  Notice the white hair though!

Have I specialised?  No, like all good Armourers I’m a Jack of All Trades and Master of None, but I do have a liking for the HMG, GPMG, Tripod and at a push Rifle and UGL.

My view ahead !!!

As a trade and an association, I feel we need to push ourselves into the 21st Century by utilising media in such a way it attracts the younger generation.  Unfortunately for our Phase 2 Trainees, they have the pleasure of learning the HMG just before they are sent on their first assignments (Posting for the old and bold).  Before they sit their final exam, if I’m around, I get them to visit this site and furnish Bob, our Secretary, with all their details.  They then know where to find us and we know how to contact them. 

If you have any ideas, please submit them to us using the comments box below.

The Near Future !!!

With luck (Covid-19 permitting) I will get a chance to meet both old and new at the 2021 Association Dinner on Saturday 4th September.  Put it in your diaries now and I will see you there (at the bar of course).  Full details for next years’ dinner can be found on the Events page

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