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Trade Training

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As Armourers and Gunfitters we started our trade training at many different locations over the years and this gallery will bring together as many as we can. If your photo is not here then please send a copy to the Secretary.  We have put as many names as possible with the photo’s, but as time goes on, names and faces seem to fade with our memories, so if we have missed a name or have something wrong then please let us know.

You will also see that some images appear twice, this is because the Apprentice School moved from Arborfield to Carlisle in 1960 and then became a College in 1966.

Hilsea Apprentices Circa 1940

Photo: Arthur Maddock (Hilsea 1937 – 1940)

Arborfield Apprentices Circa 1943

Photo John Sparkes (Arborfield 1941)

Hilsea Armourer Apprentices

Arborfield Armourer Apprentices

Carlisle Armourer Apprentices

Carlisle Gunfitter Apprentices