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Reunion Survey – Now Closed

At the beginning of December 2019, a survey was sent out to all members who have given us an email address.  The survey consists of 7 questions relating to our annual reunions and the dinner and will take about 2 minutes to complete.

To date the response from members has not proved sufficient to provide us with a good statistical analysis of the answers.

The survey was sent out to 622 registered email addresses and only 323 (52%) members opened the email/survey.  Of the 323 who have opened the email a total of 86 (14%) of members responded.

Some members have even clicked the ‘Opt Out’ button, saying that they no longer wish to receive communications from the Association!

The survey is now closed.  Please support your Association by letting us know what you thoughts are on the reunions by completing the comment box below.

Those of you who have opted out’ now won’t receive your own copy of the News Letter.  The data protection rules prohibit us from contacting those who opt out of using this method of communication.

A copy of the survey questions can be seen below.

The Armourers’ Association Dinner Survey

The format for the Armourers’ Association annual dinner has remained unchanged for a number of years.  Due to rising costs we have moved from the VSC in London to try and find another venue which is cost effective and acceptable to a majority of members, these venues being: Leeds, Lyneham and Nottingham.  This has not proved to be attractive to most members as attendance has been steadily declining.

In order to find out what you would prefer we would ask you to complete the survey form below and have your say.

Are you likely to attend reunion dinners



If NO, for what reason



            Need special assistance

            Lack of transport


            Other (please specify)

What is your preferred location for the dinner








            Other (please specify)

What is your preferred format for the dinner

            Formal sit-down dinner

            Informal sit-down dinner

            Pub lunch

            Other (please specify)

Would you like to have a visit included with the dinner (if available)




In the box below, please tell us what would make you attend the reunion:

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