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Forthcoming Visits

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If you work or volunteer at a company or organisation whose work may be of interest to members of the Association and would be willing to host a visit, then please contact the Secretary


1 September 2018

Two visits are planned for the day of the Annual Reunion Dinner as follows:


Visit 1: DSEME Lyneham - Armourer Training Area

This will be an ideal opportunity for those of us who have not seen the new training area to have a good look around and perhaps reminisce about how good it was in "our day".

Date: 01 September 2018

Time: 10:00AM at The Main Gate

You will need to provide the following details to the Secretary prior to the day:

1.  Vehicle Registration

2.  Vehicle Make & Colour

3.  Names of all people in the car

Bring with you: Proof of Identity (Photo driving licence or Passport)


Visit 2: The New REME Museum

The REME Musuem is just outside the main gate to The Prince Philip Barracks at Lyneham.

It will be an ideal opportunity to look at the exhibits, especially the Armourers Hall before returning to the Marsh Farm Hotel for our AGM and annual dinner.


Further details for both visits will be published here as they are known