Motto: Make All Sure We Are One'

The Armourers' Association Rules - Annexes A & B

Membership Criteria

Membership is open to all serving or ex RAOC, REME, RM and Ghurkha personnel with the trade of "Armourer" or "Gun Fitter", including Artificer Weapons

Membership is free and for life

RULES - Annex A

It is the Secretary's responsibility to:-
  • Maintain a record of the names and addresses of all members.
  • Produce and distribute notices in connection with the Association's functions.
  • Collect subscriptions from members attending Association functions.
  • Maintain an accurate account of the Association's finances and produce a statement and balance sheet annually for audit.  A copy of the Annual Balance sheet will be sent out to all members with the Annual Newsletter for their acceptance or otherwise.  
  • Note: Though the Association is a non-profit making concern, it is deemed advisable to maintain the account in credit sufficient to cover unforeseen commitments.
  • Make the necessary arrangements for the annual reunion. This includes the insertion of notices in RM, REME, Royal British Legion and Soldier magazines.
  • Arrange insurance for the President's badge.
  • Arrange committee meetings and maintain a record of the minutes of all meetings.
  • Ensure that all is well at the conclusion of the annual reunion.
  • Maintain contact with the Armourer's and Brasier's Company, particularly in respect of visits by members to Armourer's Hall, Coleman Street, City of London.
  • Keep the committee informed on all matters concerning the Association.
  • Promote and control the sale of Association ties and other items.



General Procedures for Annual Reunions:-


14:00 - 16:00hrs: The Secretary meets representative of the venue to ensure all is as planned.

17:00 - 18:00hrs: Annual General Meeting convened.

18:00 - 19:30hrs: Bar opens, members and guests assemble at bar.

19:30 (approx):

  1. Members and Guests are invited to take their seats.
  2. The President welcomes members and their guests and asks them to stand for Grace.
  3. Dinner and convivial conversation ensue.
  4. After desert and the tables have been cleared, Port/Wine is served.
  5. The Chairman calls upon youngest member present to give the Loyal Toast.
  6. The Chairman proposes a toast to the Guests.
  7. Coffee/Tea is served.
  8. The President gives a short address and introduces the Guest of Honour, if applicable.
  9. The Guest of Honour gives a short address and concludes by giving a toast to 'The Armourers'. (In the absence of a Guest of Honour the President will give the toast, 'The Armourers').
  10. The President presents the Guest of Honour with an Association tie, or appropriate memento if the guest is a lady.
  11. If no AGM has been held prior to the dinner, the Chairman conducts brief Association business.

21:00hrs (approx.): Raffle tickets are sold and the raffle held.

23:00hrs: Bar closes and members disperse.