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Excerpts from trade manuals created by


During his 'Boy' Apprenticeship at Hilsea 1935 - 1939

Some of you may not be aware that during their apprenticeship the 'Boys' at Hilsea had to create their own manuals for use when in the field (EMERs and AESPs didn't exist then).  These manuals covered the spectrum of equipments that an Armourer would be expected to maintain and repair.  It also included general principals of bench fitting, metal smithing, tin smithing, welding and brazing.  These manuals also formed part of the marks received for their examination, and so were a valuable item in their own right.  Below are extracts from some of the manuals created by Eric Stratford, who started his boy service at Hilsea in 1935.


Open the .pdf file here: Fire Control Instruments


This is the complete manual, minus any blank pages


Open the .pdf file here: Mensuration


Short excerpt.  Note the Instructor's marks out of 10 on some of the pages


More to follow at a later date