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Our web site is intended to keep you in touch with friends and comrades and membership is open to Armourers; Gun Fitters; Artificer Weapons; past and present, who serve(d) in REME, RAOC, RM and the Ghurkha Brigade.  Details of membership eligibility can be found on the Membership page and the Membership Application form can be found Here.

We are a non-profit organisation and fund all of our activities through donations from our members.  Your generous help is much appreciated.  It is only through the participation of our members, that the Association will continue to thrive and be able to encourage new members to join.

We have a number of items for sale in our eShop, such as the Association Tie and Lapel Badge.  You can pay for the items by cheque, bank transfer or Paypal.

If you have any comments about the web site content, or have ideas you would like to see included, please contact the Secretary.


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News letter sent out annually to all members

Photo reunion dinner

Re-union dinner held annually on the first Saturday in September


Visits to places such as The London Proof House

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Association email address available for all members

Information to set-up your email client can be found here

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Stock items are available for purchase through the web site and the eShop tab above



Closed forum on facebook for all Members who wish to join

Contact the Secretary if you wish to join the forum